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reference books - dictionary, thesaurus, and English usage guide Reference websites are designed to present brief items of information such as definitions, facts, and statistics.  Noah Webster's 1841 edition of An American Dictionary of the English Language is a well-known reference work whose lexicography has survived down through the years in successive editions of Merriam-Webster dictionaries.  Reference material can be general in nature, such as the Encyclopedia Britannica, Oxford Reference Online, or even Wikipedia, a collaborative, online encyclopedia.  It can also be more specific in nature, such as a world atlas, an almanac, or a dictionary of electronics terms.

reference book The Chosen Sites reference sites feature convenient information resources for business people, students, and the general public.  We synthesize reference information from government, academic, and industry sources and present the data in a user-friendly manner.  Depending on the type of information, we may use charts, maps, summaries, or tables, and we often supplement our results with links to other authority sites that relate to our researched material.

For your convenience, our reference sites are listed alphabetically below.

Alphabetized lists of, and links to, reference libraries throughout the United States, organized by State, are available in this library directory.

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Reference-related video resources include an RGB colors animation and an American flag waving in a gentle breeze.

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