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chosen site is the portal to a series of information, news, and shopping resources.  Primarily designed for North American, English-speaking web users, these websites include a news directory, an informative consumer information and comparison shopping directory, and a searchable, general interest web directory.  These resources direct their visitors to more than three hundred (300) focused websites that cover a multitude of business and consumer topics, ranging from acne treatment to window curtains.  These websites cover topics more fully than a dictionary, but in less depth than an encyclopedia.  However, they go beyond traditional dictionaries and encyclopedias by providing descriptive links to relevant manufacturers, service providers, and consumer information resources.

Many of the consumer goods and services topics covered on Chosen Sites are sufficiently addressed on a single website.  However, certain topic areas, because of their breadth of interest or subject matter scope, are addressed by multiple websites.  The Reference and Photography pages on this website discuss these two topics, respectively, and highlight Chosen Sites that relate to them.  The following websites introduce and discuss specific topic areas and highlight relevant Chosen Sites.

  • Apparel - men's and women's clothing and sportswear.
    young women wearing, and shopping for, apparel
  • Babies - baby products and services plus baby names.
    baby girl wearing a winter fur coat
  • Bathrooms - bathroom products and design trends.
    colorful rubber ducks
  • Bicycles - bicycle shops, touring, and cycling products.
    old green bicycle with flowers - against a wooden fence
  • Clocks - timekeeping devices such as clocks and watches.
    clock tower in Memphis, Tennessee
  • Furniture - furniture for homes, offices, and public spaces.
    patio furniture on a backyard lawn
  • Kitchens - kitchen products and kitchen design resources.
    little girl chef baking cookies in a kitchen
  • Lighting - lighting fixtures,lamps, and other light sources.
    decorative lighting fixtures on a dark background
  • Tools - hand tools and power tools for home and industry.
    hand holding a cordless power drill

News Directory

  • International News features a broad selection of news sources from around the world.  Website visitors will find breaking news and business news, as well as subscription news services and in-depth coverage of current events in this news directory.

Business and Consumer Information

  • is a business and consumer directory that provides information about a broad range of topics, products, and services.  Geared specifically to the United States market, Chosen Sites includes about two hundred (200) targeted information and comparison shopping websites in fifteen (15) different categories.  When you need information, product specifications, and service reviews for various products and services, visit this shopping guide first.  The Chosen Sites categories are as follows:
    • Arts
    • Auto
    • Business
    • Computer
    • Family
    • Finance
    • Garden
    • Gifts
    • Health
    • Hobby
    • House
    • Internet
    • Personal
    • Sports
    • Travel

Web Directory

  • is a general directory of carefully selected and categorized legacy websites from the World Wide Web.  At this writing, Quisto includes nearly 10,000 family-friendly English-language URLs in fourteen (14) major categories.  When you need quality information, use this convenient directory to quickly and easily find important resources on major topics.  The fourteen Quisto categories are as follows:
    • Arts
    • Business
    • Education
    • Finance
    • Health
    • Internet
    • Kids
    • News
    • Recreation
    • Reference
    • Regional
    • Shopping
    • Society
    • Travel

Search Engine

  • ASearchEngine offers search boxes for a custom Google search engine as well as for Google, MSN (Bing), and Yahoo.  The custom search engine features fresh, relevant results from over 10,000 carefully selected websites.  Here you will find quality news and information resources as well as respected business and consumer sites.

United States Maps

  • features printable monochrome and color outline maps, topo maps, and terrain maps of the United States as well as regional road maps and topo maps showing major highways, cities, rivers, and landforms.  These handy reference maps are used by travelers and students alike.

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